How to Make Sustainable Goals for 2018

How to Make Sustainable Goals for 2018

You can practically do anything if you set the bar low enough!

Every January we promise ourselves that we’ll healthier and more driven and invariably we fail. Changing your habits, no matter how well-meaning, is hard. However, sustainable resolutions do exist and here is the secret: It’s all about setting the bar low enough! Don’t shoot for the moon; shoot to beat the spread by the thinnest of margins. After all, any improvement this year is more than what you did last year.


Here are 8 achievable goals for the new year:

1. If you want to get better with money:

Every month, think about looking at your bank statement. Eventually, you can move up to balancing your checkbook better and one day maybe you can finally change your spending habits.

2. If you want to spend more time with your family:

Once a week, call your mother while walking somewhere just make sure you establish, ahead of time, that once you reach the destination, this call is over. Also, text her emojis at random. Mothers don’t understand emojis but love them anyway. This goal is a two for one as you also get more exercise!

3. If you want to stop drinking/smoking:

You’ve all heard the research so you know drinking and smoking are bad. But you also know cutting them out cold turkey doesn’t always stick, so for this year aim to use them in moderation as the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Moderation is key! Cutting back tips can be found here for alc, and here for smoking.

4. If you want to eat better and get in shape:

Yes, you could sign up for cooking classes or buy every vegan crockpot cooking book there is but really, it’s best to be realistic: no fast food more than once a week (or month if you’re ambitious). And in terms of getting in shape, you can start by deciding that once a week you’ll walk up a flight of stairs, then heartily congratulate yourself aloud. It’s all about the positivity! “Good job me.”

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5. If you want to pursue an artistic hobby:

Resolve to spend every work meeting doodling portraits of your co-workers. See how that feels before you sink hundreds of dollars into oil paints that you’ll use once. Just be sure you remember to take notes between doodles ;)

6. If you want to finally learn Spanish:

Don’t start by spending money on classes at your local community college. Start by watching Spanish soap operas with subtitles. Waaaay more fun.

7. If you want to cut toxic people out of your life:

Actually, this is a great one but remember to always channel your inner Britney Spears because it makes it more fun.


8. If you want to pet more dogs in 2018:

Do it! We fully support this decision, plus research shows that they reduce levels of depression and reduce stress which also helps reduce cravings and binging, so win win.

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But in all seriousness, setting goals is a great way to move forward and finally upgrade yourself. It’s always better to start off small and gradually increase the difficulty of your goals than start with grandiose goals and give up one week later. In any case, always remember how satisfying it will be when you reach your goal and don’t forget to reward yourself along the way!

Alexis Lund

Alexis Lund

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