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Erik Farseth

Erik's work focuses on themes of “global consumer culture, the American surveillance state, old technology, nationalism, the fading ‘American Century,’ and the ongoing wars in the Middle East.”

Jessica Turtle

Jessica has always felt that her art, like eating, is something she has do to live. Her work is usually a culmination of experiences from human observation, her insane imagination, and her curiosity with the beauty of the botanical world

Harland Spinks

Anyone can take a photo of someone else, but are they really capturing their essence? It certainly isn’t easy, but photographer Harland Spinks enjoys the challenge of portraying people’s personalities through photography.

Nicole Espina

Many people describe Nicole Espina’s photography style as nostalgic and warm. She has a knack for capturing the way Southern California looks on film and her everyday lifestyle shots make you wish you were the subject of her photos.

Jason Feather & Javi Nunez

Best buds Jason Feather and Javi Nunez are doing life right. While a good portion of their day is spent chilling out listening to jams, they also run a rad screen printing shop and clothing boutique in San Diego called AKA, selling their brand Industry Bastards, among others.